ACCSES-Idaho Buy Idaho

ACCSES-Idaho was well represented at the Buy Idaho Capitol Event!

ACCSES-IDAHO (formerly known as the Idaho Association of Community Rehabilitation Programs) is a professional non-profit organization dedicated to assisting its membership in the provision of services to individuals who are disabled and disadvantaged. This service is predicated on a basic belief in the intrinsic worth, dignity and potentiality of each human being. Respect for this belief guides all of the community rehabilitation facilities’ professional services.

ACCSES-IDAHO is composed of facilities representing¬†eleven of Idaho’s community rehabilitation programs. Functioning as the unified voice of community-based rehabilitation programs.¬†ACCSES-IDAHO is genuinely concerned that citizens of Idaho are aware of the services provided by its members for Idaho’s adult disabled population. Community Rehabilitation facilities are a vital link in the network of services that are necessary if persons with disabilities are to have an equal opportunity to achieve their highest level of economic and social independence.